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Our family-owned farm, Timber Farms the Sinks, is located along Sinking Creek in the Missouri Ozark Big Springs region. This area has been designated one of the "Last Great Places" by the Nature Conservancy and abounds with crystal clear springs and vast areas of forest. The farm itself is named after a local geological landmark known as "The Sinks," where Sinking Creek takes a 400-foot detour through a narrow limestone ridge.

Under the guidelines of the Stewardship Incentive Program, as administered by the Missouri Department of Conservation, we harvest a renewable supply of mushroom bed logs while at the same time maintaining our forest in a healthy ecological state. To further ensure the quality and integrity of our product, the mushrooms are organically certified by an international certification agency following the new guidelines of the Organic Foods Act.

Thus your support of this product promotes sustainable forest management and contributes toward the rural economic development of the Ozark region. We hope you enjoy our healthy, nutritious, and convenient products, "fresh from our forest" to you.

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