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Stock up your shelves with our array of mushroom products in your Ethnic/ Vegetarian/ Macrobiotic sections.  Our products have been OCIA certified and approved by Wild Oats Market Stores.  All packaging is minimal, soy based inks and recycled paper are used. Instructions and recipes included.  UPC coded.

[Buddhas Delight] Buddha's Delight Japanese Meal
A delicate combination of spices, sea vegetable and shiitake mushrooms served in a piping hot bowl of Japanese noodles. The original recipe called for 18 different ingredients to represent the 18 Buddha's.  Serves 2

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[Jungle Curry] Jungle Curry Thai Meal
An Epicurean collection of spicy jungle spices infused with the fragrance of lemongrass and the cool creaminess of coconut milk. The rich flavor of Thai curries echoes the romance of the Spice Trade.  Serves 2

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[Monsoon Meal] Monsoon Mushroom Indian Meal
The monsoon, a seasonal rain always leaves a bountiful supply of delicious mushrooms in its wake. Blended with exotic fragrant, but mild spices, this meal evokes the character and romance of the Indian Raj.  Serves 2

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[Dried Mushrooms]

Dried Mushrooms

  Dried Shiitake Lentinus edodes
Log grown shiitake mushrooms have a succulent, woodsy meaty taste.  Try it in our pesto shiitake recipe.

  Dried Oyster Pleurotus species
These aromatic creamy or grey colored caps, make a perfect addition to hearty soup, or try it in our brunch frittata recipe.

  Dried Chanterelle Cantharellus cibarius
Wild crafted trumpet shaped mushroom has the subtle flavor of a peppery apricot.  A perfect complement to our Angel Hair Pasta and roasted red pepper recipe.

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