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Riddles Penultimate Café, St. Louis
Andy Ayres

"Ozark Forest Mushrooms stood head and shoulders above the other (shiitakes) for taste. I've sold hundreds of pounds of their shiitake (since 1992). I describe the simple plate of skillet sauteed shiitakes on my seasonal menu, without fear of contradiction, as likely the best mushrooms you've ever eaten."

Cardwells on the Plaza, St. Louis
David Owens
Executive Chef

"Shiitakes from Ozark Forest are simply the best because they are grown as nature intended, on logs in the forest.  The flavor, texture and appearance all are superior to the sawdust grown alternative."

Harvest, St. Louis
Steve Gontram
Executive Chef

"As a chef and restauranteur, I'm always looking for local ingredients that compliment Harvest's seasonal menus.  Ozark Forest's commitment and dedication to organic growing produces mushrooms of incomparable flavor and texture."

"Shiitakes that taste like shiitakes!  Who would have thought!"

Ladue Raquet Club
Chris Dresens CEC
Executive Chef
President, St. Louis Friend of James Beard
Member, St. Louis Culinary Society

Quality, taste and consistency are a very important part of my operation.  Without these, I cannot be successful.  Very few suppliers provide a product with these characteristics.  Nicola and Ozark Forest Mushrooms fill this order each and every time!  I appreciate her dedication to her business, product and customer.  It shows each time I place an order!

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