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Shiitake mushrooms have been a vital part of many different cuisines for centuries.  Ozark Forest Mushrooms has brought together a unique and convenient selection of oriental dried meals to complement their selection of dried forest mushrooms.  Organically certified shiitake.

[btn] Grocery Department
Stock up your shelves with our array of mushroom products in your Ethnic/ Vegetarian/ Macrobiotic sections.  Our products have been OCIA certified and approved by Wild Oats Market Stores.  All packaging is minimal, soy based inks and recycled paper are used. Instructions and recipes included.  UPC coded.

[btn] Produce Department
Stock up your gourmet produce counter with our oak log grown shiitake mushrooms.  Longer shelf life, stems trimmed clean, support small farm forest grown, not factory grown shiitake!!
Organically Certified.  Taste the difference.